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    Beer Name: West Coast Brewer Buckwheat Honey American Wheat Ale American Wheat Buckwheat Honey Hefeweizen
    West Coast Brewer Buckwheat Honey American Wheat Beer
    Beer Style: American Wheat Hefeweizen
    Recipe Type: All Grain
    Batch Size: 5 Gallons
    Mash Type: Infusion
    (60 Min) 152F
    (10 Min) 168F Mash Out
    Grain Bill: 4.5 LBS Rahr White Wheat Malt
    4 LBS Rahr 2-Row Pale Malt
    1 LBS Munich Malt
    .25 LBS Rice Hulls
    Hops: .5 oz Cascade (60 Minutes)
    .25 oz Warrior (60 Minutes)
    .5oz Cascade (15 Minutes)
    1 oz Willamette (1 Minutes)
    Other: .5 LBS Buckwheat Honey (0 Minutes)
    Yeast: Wyeast 1010 or Safale US-05
    Fermentation: 2 to 3 Week Primary @ 67F
    Notes: I do not conduct a secondary fermentation transfer or extend the primary fermentation too long on this beer because I like to keep a reasonable amout of yeast cloudiness in the beer. Additionally I will also periodically rouse the yeast that has settled in the bottom of the keg by lightly shaking it. This beer conditions quickly and is ready to drink as soon as the carbonation level is right.

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