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    Welcome to West Coast Brewers home brewing beer recipes page. Here you will find a wide variety of all grain and extract beer brewing recipes, including a few for gluten free beers. To get detailed instructions and to see the ingredients list, simply click on the link for the desired recipe. We are always adding new home brewing beer recipes, so be sure to check back periodically.

  • Here are some of my favorite homebrewing recipes. Please feel free to brew them and let me know what you think or if you have any questions or suggestions!

    West Coast Brewer Pliny the Elder Homebrewing Recipe

    Pliny the Elder
    All Grain Home Brewing Beer Recipe

    This is it, one of the highest regarded Double IPA's of all time, Pliny the Elder. I have brewed this Pliny the Elder recipe many times and it is just like the real thing if you do it right! It is a perfect West Coast Double IPA in my opinion. It is over flowing with hop flavor and balanced perfectly.

    West Coast Brewer Squanto's Pilsner Homebrewing Recipe

    Squanto's Pilsner
    All Grain Home Brewing Beer Recipe

    Do you like beer? Do you like corn? Well if you like beer and even if you don't like corn, you are still going to love this beer! You are probablye thinking, why in the world would I brew a pilsner and even worse, a pilsner with corn adjunct in it? Well there are several reasons why you should, but the simple reason is that it is delicious, especially with a meal or on a hot summer afternoon when you are feeling like something thrist quenching yet flavorful. So if you are looking to try your hand at a Pilsner, I can not recommend this one highly enough.

    West Coast Brewer American Wheat Homebrewing Recipe

    American Wheat Buckwheat Honey Hefeweizen
    All Grain Home Brewing Beer Recipe

    I love this beer all year round. It is a nice low ABV beer packed with wheat and the subtle taste of buckwheat honey to round it out! It has just the right hop balance to compliment the rich flavors of the grains while not overpowering them. For the same reason I like to use a clean american wheat yeast with this beer; it provide an ester free finish which I really enjoy. I personally think a lemon adds a nice tartness to this wheat beer, but it is not needed for those who feel adding fruit is a sin.

    West Coast Brewer Russian River Clone Homebrewing Recipe

    Russian River Consecration Clone
    Home Brewing All Grain Beer Recipe

    Some people have a sweet tooth, but I think I may have been born with a sour tooth. Russian River Consecration is probably my very favorite beer. That being said, I do not love all sour beer, in fact I find most of them to be undrinkable! There are very few breweries that make great sour beers and I am fairly certain that it is because of the time commitment that is involved with making it. This is one of my very favorite beer recipes, but before you consider brewing it please keep in mind that the beer will need to age for approximately 1 year before it is ready to drink!

    West Coast Brewer Summer Time Kolsch Homebrewing Recipe

    Summer Time Kolsch
    Home Brewing All Grain Beer Recipe

    As the name suggests, this is one of my summer time go to beers. A Kolsch is a German ale traditionally brewed in Cologne - Koln Germany. It is a clear pale ale with a clean and clear bright yellow color. In a world of over hopped IPA's and double IPA's I sometimes like to cleanse my palette with a beer that is all about subtleties and for me, that is a Kolsch! The floral hops are showcased by a simple 100% German Pilsner grain bill. This is a fantastic beer to enjoy with a good meal.

    West Coast Brewer Russian River Clone Homebrewing Recipe

    Gluten Free Blackberry Ale
    Home Brewing Extract Beer Recipe

    Okay, I am not going to sugar coat things; this is a gluten free ale and if you are expecting it to taste like a standard non gluten free beer, you will be very disapointed. 100% Gluten Free Beer is basically an oxymoron, most of the excelent examples of gluten free beer out there are not brewed with gluten free ingredients and instead have the glutens extracted from them. The does not mean you can't brew a delicious gluten free ale, all I am saying is that you should approach it with an open mind. Here is a recipe that I created that turned out really well! I hope that any gluten free home brewers out there enjoy it!

    West Coast Brewer Session Pale Ale Homebrewing Recipe

    Session Pale Ale
    Home Brewing All Grain Beer Recipe

    I brewed this Session Pale Ale first in the summer of 2013 and it came out so good that I had to share it. It is a perfect warm weather beer! It is low in alcohol at right about 5% ABV but it packed with malt flavor, a full hop profile and tempting aroma. It requires dry hoping, but aside from that is an easy to brew all grain beer that I am sure you will enjoy.

    West Coast Brewer IPA Homebrewing Recipe

    West Coast IPA
    Home Brewing All Grain Beer Recipe

    This is a tried and true homage to the West Coast IPA tradition! It is not haphazardly packed with all of the spare hops I could locate, but instead carefully crafted with a vibrant blend of Centennial and Cascade hops that will have you cracking another bottle before your glass is empty.

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