• West Coast IPA Ale All Grain Beer Recipe

    This is the West Coast Brewer All Grain IPA Recipe. Depending on your brew house efficiency, you should be looking at an OG right around 1068 or so. If you are a IPA fan, you will be sure to love this recipe. It is packed with centennial and cascade hops and is an all around amazing IPA.

  • Beer Name: West Coast IPA West Coast IPA
    West Coast Brewer IPA Recipe Beer Photo

    Beer Style: American - India Pale Ale
    Recipe Type: All Grain
    Batch Size: 5 Gallons
    Mash Type: Infusion
    (60 Min) 152F
    (10 Min) 168F Mash Out
    Grain Bill: 10 LBS Rahr 2-Row Malt
     1 LBS Briess Caramel 40 Malt
     .5 LBS Caramel / Crystal 15L Malt
    Hops: .75 oz Centennial (60 Minutes)
    .75 oz Centennial (20 Minutes)
    1 oz Centennial (10 Minutes)
    .5 oz Cascade (0 Minute)
    2 oz Cascade (Dry Hop 7-10 Days Before Cold Crash \ Keg \ Bottle)
    Other: Whirlfloc Tablet (5 Minutes)
    Yeast: Wyeast #1056 American Ale
    Fermentation: 2 Week Primary @ 67F
    2-3 Week Secondary @ 67F
    1 Week Cold Crash @ 34F
    Notes: This is my go to IPA recipe and a real crowd pleaser. It is a wonderfully rounded American IPA that delivers a full body, a hop heavy flavor with citrus notes and a captivating hop filled aroma supplied by the cascade dry hopping. It pours a beautiful copper \ gold color and is an absolute pleasure to drink.

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