The following is a quick video on how to cork your home brewed beer. In this example, I was corking a Russian River Consecration Clone/Belgian Sour Ale.



To cork you beer, you will need the following items:

1) A beer bottle corker

2) Sanitized corkable beer bottles

3) Sanitized corks (Most corks come sanitized. Do not soak the corks unless the manufacturer recommends doing so.)

4) Cork hoods


Beer corking supplies can be purchase here:

Home Brewing Beer Corking Supplies



Beer Bottle Floor Corker:

How to cork Beer Bottles

How to cork beer bottles


The Beer Bottle Corker used in this video is available here:

Beer Bottle Corker


Corking Beer for Home Brewers

Corking Home Brewed Beer


Home Brewing Corking Supplies can be found here:

Home Brewing Corking Supplies