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Best Online Home Brewing Supply Store

Best Online Homebrew Supply Store

Best Online Homebrewing Supply Store



The results are in!  Out of 151 unique user votes, WestCoastBrewer.com readers voted Northern Brewer #1 for their favorite online hombrew supply store.  MoreBeer.com came in a close second with 31% of the vote, followed by Midwest Supplies and then Adventures in Homebrewing.  Thank you to those that took the time to vote for their favorite online home brewing supply shop; I will be posting a new survey shortly!




The Reinheitsgebot, also known as the German Beer Purity Law, was originally drafted in 1487 and put into law on April 23rd, 1516 in the city of Ingolstadt, in Bavaria, Germany. The original Reinheitsgebot document stated that the only ingredients that could be used in the production of Bavarian beer were water, barley, and hops. In addition to ingredient restrictions, the document also set pricing standards for the sale of beer. At the time the Reinheitsgebot was drafted, the function of yeast in brewing was not understood, and for that reason it was not listed as an acceptable ingredient in beer.


Dry Malt Extract

Dry Malt Extract or DME is typically used in extract beer brewing, for yeast starters, and in some cases, all grain brewing. To make dry malt extract, the sugars from a brewing mash are transferred from a mash tun or lauter tun and completely dehydrated and in a vacuum chamber. Typically, hops are not added to a malt extract.


A wide variety of home brewing dry malt extract is available here:

Dry Malt Extract


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