First off, welcome to West Coast Brewers – Brewers Blog and thank you for stopping by.


I figure that I will start with a little information about myself. I started home brewing back in 2011, when one of my buddies, Matt, and I purchased an American Wheat extract beer kit from Northern Brewer. It was a fantastic experience, and the beer came out perfect. About two extract batches later, I decided that I was ready to give all grain brewing a try. I wanted to take more of the process into my own hands and learn as much as I could about brewing. With little more than a hand drawn sketch and a very basic plan, I welded a beer rack\brewing sculpture from parts that I picked up a Home Depot and purchased online. A couple of weeks after that my Blichmann BoilerMaker brew pots arrived, and I was in business! Over the last 2 years I have learned a great deal about brewing and am constantly building upon that knowledge and refining my brewing skills.


Recently I set a goal for myself to create an online resource to share some of the information that I have gained over the last few years in hopes that it might help others out who share a similar passion for beer and home brewing. In the coming months I will also begin work on compiling a list of some of my favorite beers, some of my best beer recipes, and recommendations on great brewing equipment that I come across as I have built up my home brewery.