Russian River Consecration Recipe Clone Beer Photo
Russian River Consecration Clone Beer Photo

Beer Name:Russian River Consecration Clone
Beer Style:American Wild Ale \ Sour Ale
Recipe Type:All Grain
Batch Size:5 Gallons
Mash Type:Infusion
(60 Min) 158F
(10 Min) 168F Mash Out
Grain Bill:11 LBS Rahr 2-Row
1/2 LBS Acid Malt
1/4 LBS Carafa I
1/4 LBS Special B Malt
Hops:.5 oz Styrian Goldings (90 Minutes)
1 oz Sterling (30 Minutes)
1 oz Sterling (1 Minutes)
Other:2 LBS Dark Belgian Cany Sugar Syrup (15 Minutes)
Whirlfloc Tablet (5 Minutes)
1/2 LBS Dextrose (1 Minutes)
Yeast:Abbey Ale Liquid Yeast
Fermentation:For 3 Week Primary @ 65F
Then add Wyeast Roselare Belgian Blend
For 4 Months Primary @ 65F
Notes:At secondary fermentation when you add in the Wyeast Roselare Belgian Blend, you will also want to add 2 LBS of fresh or dried currants. Do you best not to let your temp go above 65 F. Taste the beer at about 3 months to gauge the sourness, if it is just about right then soak 4 Oz’s of either oak cubes or oak chips in Cabernet Sauvignon (Vinnie Cilurzo from Russian River recommends using a Kenwood Cabernet Sauvignon since it is widely available and of good quality), place it in the fermenter and let the beer finish up for a month or two. As a last step, prior to bottling add some Rockpile RP-15 dry wine yeast to allow the beer to bottle condition. A special thank to Vinnie for all of the help with the recipe; suppor their fantastic brewery whenever possible, they make some of the best beer on the West Coast.

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