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2-Row Crushed Malted Barley Under the Microscope

Below is a video of a two-row malted barley grain shown under the magnification of a microscope. The video allows you to see a closeup of the structure of the grain. The footage was taken under approximately 100 power magnification.



Here is a still shot of the grain under magnification:

Crushed Malted Barley - Malt - Shown under magnification

Crushed Malted Barley – Malt shown under magnification.


The barley grain is the seed of the barley plant. It is a member of the grass family and is considered a cereal grain. There are two main classifications of domesticated barley, two-row and six-row. Two-row barley has a lower protein content but higher fermentable sugar content then six-row barley, but both are commonly used in brewing.


American two-row malted and crushed barley.

American two-row malted and crushed barley.