Over the last couple of years, both gluten free beer and gluten free home brewing have been becoming more and more popular. A person who is gluten intolerant no longer has to miss out on fantastic beer; you have choices! I have brewed several batches of gluten free beer and will be publishing some of my recipes in the upcoming months as well as adding a gluten free category to our best beers list.


For the most part, gluten free home brewing is identical to home brewing with non-gluten free ingredients. The only place where it gets tricky is when you need to make sure that you have enough diastatic starch conversion power available in the situation where you are making an all grain batch and are using starch based adjuncts. If you are making an extract batch, you should be good to go.


There are a variety of widely available ingredients for gluten free home brewing. The most common ingredients include sorghum liquid extract, brown rice liquid extract, dried rice powered extract, sugar, candi syrup, honey, maltrodextrin, corn, buckwheat, oats, and sweet potatoes.


If you are interested in gluten free beer home brewing kits you can find some quality kits here:

Gluten Free Home Brewing Beer Kits


If you are looking for gluten free brewing ingredients, I purchase the majority of mine here:

Gluten Free Brewing Ingredients



A photo of a glass of recently brewed Gluten Free Blackberry Brown Ale

Gluten Free Home Brewed Beer

Gluten Free Home Brewed Beer