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Home Brewing Poll – What Home Brewing Method Do You Use?

The results from the West Coast Brewer home brewing style survey poll are in!

Homebrew Rig

Homebrew Rig


I asked the viewers of WestCoastBrewer.com, “What method of home brewing do you use?” and 3,491 home brewers responded and here is the breakdown.


What method of home brewing do you use?


Extract 942 (26.98%)
BIAB – Brew In A Bag 514 (14.72%)
All Grain (Non BIAB) 1476 (42.28%)
Mini Mash Grain Mash & Extract 559 (16.01%)


Total votes: 3491


It looks like All Grain Home Brewing is the most popular, making up 42% of the total home brew population with Extract Home Brewers coming in 2nd at just shy of 27%. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the poll.


Please contribute to our most recent home brewing poll “How many years have you been home brewing for?”


The Poll Is Available On The Main Page By Clicking Here



Best Online Home Brewing Supply Store

Best Online Homebrew Supply Store

Best Online Homebrewing Supply Store



The results are in!  Out of 151 unique user votes, WestCoastBrewer.com readers voted Northern Brewer #1 for their favorite online hombrew supply store.  MoreBeer.com came in a close second with 31% of the vote, followed by Midwest Supplies and then Adventures in Homebrewing.  Thank you to those that took the time to vote for their favorite online home brewing supply shop; I will be posting a new survey shortly!