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If you are looking to get into home brewing or are a current home brewer looking to make an upgrade, this is a fantastic kettle to consider.  This 8 gallon kettle is great for 5 gallon extract batches or for use in a 5 gallon All Grain home brewing system. The extra 3 gallons of capacity helps avoid boil overs and gives you a little extra room to work with. That is why for a limited time, is making this special exclusive offer to West Coast Brewer viewers.  If you act before 7-15-2015 you can take $25 off one of these heavy duty brew kettles!


This brewing pot is load with some great features including  two 1/2″ threaded couplers welded to it, a tri-clad bottom, super thick and rigid stainless steel construction and heavy duty handles for safe lifting. The bottom outlet on this home brewing kettle is made with male threads on the outside (for connecting a ball valve) and female threads on the inside for connecting whatever you wish.


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