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Pliny The Elder

Pliny the Elder


Just wanted to let everyone know that MoreBeer is currently having a sale on their Pliny the Elder Extract Home Brewing Recipe Kit.  It is a limited quantity offer and is for today only.  It sells out each time they have one of these so act fast if you want one!


This is a fantastic Pliny the Elder clone kit.  If you are like most of us and can not easily get Pliny where you live, then this is a great alternative.


Here is the link:

Russian River Pliny the Elder Clone Recipe Kit


Happy Brewing,




  1. Ken

    Great kit, I have brewed it a couple of times! Not quite as good as an actual bottle of Pliny, but close!

  2. Billy

    I just brewed this kit about 3 months ago and it turned out really great.


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