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The Best Pliny the Elder Recipe for Home Brewers!

Pliny the Elder Home Brewing Recipe

Pliny the Elder


Are you like most of the county or I should say world and can’t get your hands on a bottle or pint of Pliny the Elder, one of the worlds best Double IPA’s?  Well don’t look so glum, you now have the ability to brew your own!


Thanks to MoreBeer, you can now purchase an authentic Russian River Pliny the Elder All Grain Brewing Recipe Kit or Pliny the Elder Extract Home Brewing Recipe Kit.  Rest assured, this is not just some Pliny the Elder clone that they whipped up in the back of their warehouse.  This is one of their exclusive BrewMaster Series Recipe Kit that comes directly from Vinnie Cilurzo, the owner \ brewer of the Russian River Brewing Company.


The recipe comes with all the ingredients that you need to brew a batch of Pliny the Elder, minus the yeast and they have a few options for you to choose from as far as that goes.  I personally would recommend going with the Wyeast 1056 liquid yeast.  Good luck and happy brewing!


The Pliny the Elder Recipe Kits are currently available here:

Pliny the Elder All Grain Home Brewing Recipe Kit

Pliny The Elder Extract Home Brewing Recipe Kit


  1. Der Lars

    I brewed this Pliny the Elder clone and it came out almost as good as the real thing. I just ordered another ingredient kit to brew another batch!

  2. home brewer alliance

    I am going to pick one of these Pliney the Elder all grain recipes up!

    Hope it comes out well.

    • Joe

      Good luck with it, it is a great recipe kit!

  3. JB

    Pliny is the worlds best beer; this kit is awesome! Sign me up.

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