The term noble hops refers to either German Tettnang, German Hallertauer, German Spalt or Czech Saaz hops. These noble hop varieties are all classified as aroma hops and have a relatively balanced alpha and beta acid ratio, which allows them to impart a subtle bitterness and full aroma. Each of these hops has a long tradition in brewing and is named after the region that it was originally cultivated in.


German Tettnang Hop, Alpha Acid 3.5-5.5%, Beta Acid 5-6%
German Hallertau Hop, Alpha Acid 3-5%, Beta Acid 4-5.5%
German Spalt Hop, Alpha Acid 4-5.5%, Beta Acid 4-5
Czech Saaz Hop, Alpha Acid 3-4.5%, Beta Acid 3-4%