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Russian River Pliny the Elder Beer Kit

 Russian River Pliny the Elder Beer Kit

Russian River Pliny the Elder Beer Kit

Russian River Pliny the Elder Beer Kit


If you have never had the pleasure of trying Pliny the Elder, then trust me when I tell you that Pliny the Elder is perhaps the best example of a DIPA or Double India Pale Ale available for purchase.  It has a malty body that is perfectly balanced with one of the nicest hop profiles I personally have ever tasted. Unfortunately Russian River does not produce enough of it.  The good news is that you can brew it at home and MoreBeer has about the best kit around for it and it is sanctioned by Russian River Brewing.


They have a sale running on the Pliny the Elder extract beer kit today, but if you are an all grain brewer fear not, they have a Pliny the Elder All Grain version as well, it is just not on sale.


Click Here for Pliny the Elder Home Brewing Kits



  1. Joe

    You can Save $7 on a Pliny the Elder home brewing kit from 6-29-2015 to 6-30-2015. Use Promo Code Pliny7.

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  2. Gary

    I brewed this Pliny the Elder recipe kit a few months back and it was incredibly close to the real thing. I will be brewing it again here soon.

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