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Brewing Sculpture

Turnkey Home Brewery – Morebeer.com – Single Tier Home Brewing Rack



If you are interested in purchasing one of these all grain home brewing stands, you can view their full lineup here:

Click Here For Stainless Steel Home Brewing Stands


Pre-built beer stands, turnkey home breweries, pre-made brew sculptures, single tier brewing stands, multi tier home breweries… call them what you will.  Before your only option was to build your own brewing stand, but now, if you have the money; there are several pre-built home brewery options available.  So which is the best option for your money?


If I had not already gone through the blood, sweat, tears and frankly burns of welding and constructing my own single level home brewing stand; I would opt for one of MoreBeers brewing sculptures.  Over the last 5 years they seem to have perfected the pre-manufactured beer rack.  They have 3 styles of brewing sculptures available for you to choose from; a stainless steel single tier brewing rack, a 3 tier tippy-dump brewing sculpture and a 3 level gravity based home brewery.  I would personally go with their single tier home brewing stand, but if you have space limitations or can not afford the hefty price tag of the single level brewing stand, the stainless steel multi tier brewing stands are a great option as well.



3 Tier Home Brewing Rack

Multi-level home brewing stand – MoreBeer Tippy-Dump Stainless Steel Brewing Stand


What I like most about MoreBeer’s stainless steel brewing stands, over the other pre-constructed brewing stands on the market is that they seem to have thought of everything in their design and did not skimp on any of the features.  Their brewing racks are all made out of stainless steel and many of their versions include the following features:

  • Stainless Steel Maximizers and Diverter
  • High Temperature March Pumps
  • The MoreBeer Stainless Steel Ultimate Sparge Arm
  • Digital Temperature Controls
  • Control Panel
  • Convoluted Heat Exchanger for RIMS and HERMS support
  • Boil Kettle Whirlpool Arm
  • Fantastic Customer Support
  • Hard propane lines

The only downside that I can see is the price.  One of these stainless steel home brewing stands will run you anywhere from $1099  to over $6000 depending on the style, capacity and features that you want in your brewing sculpture.  In all reality that is not too bad of a deal when you consider that it comes with the kettles and almost all of the items that you will need to have an out of the box, ready to go, top of the line all grain home brewery constructed from stainless steel.


If you are interested in purchasing one of these all grain home brewing stands, you can view their full lineup here:

Click Here For Stainless Steel Home Brewing Stands





  1. lance

    Thanks for the post, those are beautiful! I am certainly going to consider making the investment into one of these home brewing racks when I make the jump to all grain brewing. One of my friends has one of the single level brew sculptures and it is incredible.

  2. Tom

    Wow! Those home brewing stands look incredible! I have never seen one that nice.

  3. JB

    I am loving the stainless steel construction. Are these brewing sculptures \ beer racks 20 gallons? Also, do they come with the home brewing kettles?

    • Joe

      Hi JB, you have the option of going with either 10 gallon kettles or 20 gallon kettles on these home brewing stands. And yes, they include the premium stainless steel kettles with the stands. It it basically a complete home brewery, missing just a few of the items that you will need.

      Here is a link to some of the different kettle options:
      Single Tier Home Brewing Stand Options

  4. Brent

    For sure, the single tier home brewing stand is incredible. It is awesome having all of your equipment at the same height, makes your brewing day a little safer that way in my opinion as well.

  5. nehaaldon

    Awesome product, best thing is that all made of stainless steel, I love the brewing stands.

    • Joe

      Yeah, I hear you. I wish Iwcould have built mine using stainless.

  6. Shane

    These home brewing sculptures are beautiful, I think I am in love!

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