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All Grain Grapefruit IPA Recipe

All Grain Grapefruit IPA Recipe

All Grain Grapefruit IPA Recipe

A couple of folks had asked for my Grapefruit Sculpin IPA beer recipe, so I figured I would post it! If you brew it, please let me know how it turns out and if you have any suggestions, I would enjoy hearing from you.


This is a 5.5 Gallon All Grain batch with an estimated Post Boil Gravity (OG) of 1.068, so you will want to modify the ingredients to match your efficiency rate.


Mash Ingredients \ Grain Bill

15 lbs 2 Row US Grain 93.8 %
1 lbs Caramel – Munich 20L 6.3 %
152F Mash Temp


Hops and Other

0.50 oz Cascade – Boil 60.0 min
0.75 oz Simcoe – Boil 60.0 min
0.50 oz Cascade – Boil 20.0 min
0.50 oz Simcoe – Boil 20.0 min
0.50 oz Cascade –  Boil 0 min
1.00 oz Simcoe – Boil 0 min


After Fermentation Completes:

1.00 oz Cascade – Dry Hop 7.0  Days
1.00 oz Simcoe – Dry Hop 7.0 Days
4.00 oz Fresh Grapefruit Zest – 7.0 Days


Diet Beer!

Diet IPA Beer Kit for Homebrewing

Diet IPA Beer Kit for Homebrewing

$19.99 Diet IPA Homebrewing Beer Kit Sale


Promotion Date: 1-5-2015 to unknown
Promotion Details: $19.99 Diet IPA Home Brewing Beer Kit Sale
Coupon Item Description: Adventures in Homebrewing and Homebrewing.org are currently having a promotion that saves you over 50% on their Diet IPA Homebrewing Diet Beer Recipe Kit! Late additions of Mosaic hops give this India Pale Ale its fragrant bouquet and resinous flavor. This diet beer homebrew recipe is only available while supplies last, so pick up this great home brewing deal while you can!

Click Here for this Diet IPA Beer Recipe Kit Promotion


Save $15 On Pliny the Elder Beer Kits

Pliny the Elder Homebrewing Kit

Pliny the Elder Homebrewing Kit


There is a fantastic promotion currently going on at More Beer where you can save $15 on their Pliny the Elder Home Brewing recipe kit.  I just brewed this kit and it is fantastic!  This is an unbeatable deal and I just ordered another one for myself.  This promo code is for today only so act fast and stock up while you can!


If you have not had a chance to drink or brew this beer I highly recommend it.  This kit is great and tastes very similar to the real thing.  This is one of the most sought after beers in America for a reason.  It is a double IPA packed to the rim with hops!  it has a perfect malt and hop balance that will make you crave another pint!


Coupon Code Date: 12-6-2015
Promotion Details: Pliny the Elder Beer Kit


MoreBeer Pliny the Elder Beer Recipe Kit


Here is a photo of the mash, where you add hops from this kit!

Pliny the Elder Beer Kit

Pliny the Elder Beer Kit


Russian River Consecration Homebrewing Beer Recipe Kit

Russian River Consecration Homebrewing Beer Recipe Kit from MoreBeer – MoreBeer.com


Homebrewing Russian River Consecration Beer Recipe Kit

Homebrewing Russian River Consecration Beer Recipe Kit


About a year ago now, I brewed this MoreBeer.com clone of Russian Rivers Consecration sour ale. It is a fantastic beer, one of my favorites and this homebrewing beer recipe kit really does it justice. After allowing my Consecration to age for about 12 months and then tasting the two next to one another, they are a very close match.


This Russian River Consecration Beer Recipe Kit is released by More Beer with Vinnie from Russian River Brewing’s blessing and he actually released his Consecration recipe to them. If you have not had the pleasure of tasting this incredible sour beer, Consecration is a sour dark ale aged in a Cabernet Sauvignon barrel. The beer ages for almost 8 months with currants and brettanomyces. What makes this MoreBeer homebrewing ingredient kit so special is that they provide actual oak chunks from real Russian River Consecration barrels! Where else are you going to find a home brewing ingredient kit with that. They also include two pounds of currants to replicate the original recipe as much as possible.  I have had great success with this Consecration Homebrew ingredient kit and I highly recommend it to any sour beer lover.


 To Purchase the Consecration Homebrewing Clone Recipe Kit, Click Here


Here is a quick video review of the Russian River Consecration Beer Recipe Kit!


If you have any question on this Russian River Consecration clone beer kit, feel free to reach out to me. Happy home brewing!

Oktoberfest is near, time to start brewing!

Oktoberfest is almost upon us, time to start brewing!

Oktoberfest is almost here, time to start brewing!

Oktoberfest is almost here, time to start brewing! – Images from Pinterest



I know that it may not feel like it with how hot most of the country has been this summer, but October is just around the corner. If you are like me and like to celebrate Oktoberfest or appreciate a good German lager during that time of the year, you are probably going to want to heat up the kettle, cool down the fermenter and get your brew on because you do not have that much time left!


For those of you who have not brewed beer at home before, I would recommend that you start with an extract home brewing kit before you attempt to tackle all grain home brewing. There are several inexpensive home brewing starter kits available that will allow you to try your hand at it and see if you enjoy the hobby as much as myself and a growing number of other home brewers do.  You can click on the home brewing starter kits image below for a list of available homebrewing equipment kits that will help you brew your first batch!


Home Beer Brewing Starter Kits

Home Beer Brewing Starter Kits


Once you have your home beer brewing kit picked out, you are going to want to select a great beer recipe kit to brew for Oktoberfest!  This will really depend on your personal beer preferences but I will give you a couple of suggestions to consider.  First off, you will want to keep in mind how much time that you have before your batch of beer has to be ready to serve.  This is important because a lager may take 6 to 8 weeks to ferment and condition and opposed to certain ales which may be ready to drink in 3 weeks or even 2 weeks if you are really pressed for time.  Another thing to consider is that if you are having an all day or night event, you may want to opt for a lower alcohol beer so that your friends can put back a few with out getting too tipsy!


Here is a great listing of home brewing recipe kits that would go well with any Oktoberfest party.  I personally like to brew up a Munich lager and an American Hefeweizen so that there is a little variety available but you really can not go wrong with any of these home beer brewing recipe kits.  All of these beer ingredient kits are available in both extract and all grain versions.


Home Beer Brewing Ingredient Kits

Oktoberfest Lager Beer Kit – Estimated ABV 5.6%


Munich Helles Lager Home Brewing Ingredient Kit – Estimated ABV 5%


Dopplebock Oktoberfest Home Beer Brewing Kit –  Estimated ABV 9.1%


Vienna Lager Oktoberfest Beer Kit – Estimated ABV 5%


German Oktoberfest Hefeweizen – Estimated ABV 4.5%


American Hefeweizen Oktoberfest Home Beer Making Kit – Estimated ABV 3.8%


All of the above listed Oktoberfest home beer making kits are fantastic and should fit the occasion well. Just let me know if you have any questions on any of them.  Happy brewing!




Russian River Homebrew Recipe Kits for Pliny the Elder, Blind Pig and Consecration

Russian River Clone Recipe for Pliny the Elder, Blind Pig and Consecration

Russian River Clone Recipe for Pliny the Elder, Blind Pig and Consecration


Russian River Brewing beers can be very difficult to get your hands on unless your live within close proximity to the brewery but now you can brew several of them at home.  MoreBeer has worked with Russian River and has release homebrew recipe kits for Pliny the Elder, Blind Pig and Consecration; which are three of Russian Rivers best beers in my opinion.  I have personally brewed the Pliny the Elder all grain home brewing kit and the Russian River Consecration homebrew kit and both turned out excellent. They offer all three of these home brewing ingredient kits in both all grain and extract.


Here are links to each of the kits:

Pliny the Elder Home Brewing Recipe Kit

Pliny the Elder Home Brewing Recipe Kit


Russian River Pliny the Elder Home Brewing Ingredient Kit








Russian River Blind Pig Home Brewing Recipe Kit

Russian River Blind Pig Home Brewing Recipe Kit


Russian River Blind Pig Home Brewing Ingredient Kit









Russian River Consecration Home Brewing Recipe Kit

Russian River Consecration Home Brewing Recipe Kit


Russian River Consecration Home Brewing Ingredient Kit



Home Brewing Pliny the Elder Extract Beer Kit

Pliny The Elder

Pliny the Elder


Just wanted to let everyone know that MoreBeer is currently having a sale on their Pliny the Elder Extract Home Brewing Recipe Kit.  It is a limited quantity offer and is for today only.  It sells out each time they have one of these so act fast if you want one!


This is a fantastic Pliny the Elder clone kit.  If you are like most of us and can not easily get Pliny where you live, then this is a great alternative.


Here is the link:

Russian River Pliny the Elder Clone Recipe Kit


Happy Brewing,



The Best Pliny the Elder Recipe for Home Brewers!

Pliny the Elder Home Brewing Recipe

Pliny the Elder


Are you like most of the county or I should say world and can’t get your hands on a bottle or pint of Pliny the Elder, one of the worlds best Double IPA’s?  Well don’t look so glum, you now have the ability to brew your own!


Thanks to MoreBeer, you can now purchase an authentic Russian River Pliny the Elder All Grain Brewing Recipe Kit or Pliny the Elder Extract Home Brewing Recipe Kit.  Rest assured, this is not just some Pliny the Elder clone that they whipped up in the back of their warehouse.  This is one of their exclusive BrewMaster Series Recipe Kit that comes directly from Vinnie Cilurzo, the owner \ brewer of the Russian River Brewing Company.


The recipe comes with all the ingredients that you need to brew a batch of Pliny the Elder, minus the yeast and they have a few options for you to choose from as far as that goes.  I personally would recommend going with the Wyeast 1056 liquid yeast.  Good luck and happy brewing!


The Pliny the Elder Recipe Kits are currently available here:

Pliny the Elder All Grain Home Brewing Recipe Kit

Pliny The Elder Extract Home Brewing Recipe Kit

Graf/Graff Hybrid Beer

A Graf or Graff is a term used to describe either an apple cider that has been hopped, or a beer where apple juice or cider has been added to the wort to enhance the flavor of the finished beer. Graf beer seems to have recently become more popular in the home brewing community.

A couple of months ago, I decided that I would try my hand at creating an Oktoberfest Graf Ale hybrid beer. I wanted to capture the feeling of the harvest in my beer without producing an overly fruity flavor, and figured that an Oktoberfest Graf Ale would be the perfect match. I was very pleased with the final product, and it was well received by everyone who tried it.

I kept the apple cider level to only 16% of the total wort so that it would only accentuate the beer instead of taking the focus away from it. As the beer fermented, the majority of the apple flavors were removed from the graff; in fact, before I told those who had a glass, most were unaware that it had apple added to it. On my next batch, I may try going as high as 25% to pick up a bit more of the apple, but to be honest, I am very happy with the outcome and may just replicate the recipe next time around. You may also want to consider back sweetening your graf as well, if you want some extra sweetness.


Here is a quick version of the West Coast Brewer Oktoberfest Harvest Graf Ale all grain recipe (6 gallons).

4 lbs. German Pilsner Malt

6 lbs German Munich Malt

1 lb German Dark Munich Malt

.5 lbs. Weyermann Caramunich II

1 oz German Tradition (60 min)

1 gallon of fresh apple juice or apple cider with no additives or preservatives (add at secondary)


Drop me a line if you have any questions and happy brewing!


Here is a photo of the graf beer. It still needs to age for a while to bring a bit of the haze out, but aside from that, it is delicious and ready to consume!


Graf – Graff Beer


Gluten Free Blackberry Home Brew Recipe

Gluten Free Home Brewed Blackberry Beer Recipe


I just finished up my most recent batch of beer! It was a 3 gallon extract batch of gluten free blackberry ale. It has a nice balanced flavor with a tart finish. If you are looking to brew an extract batch of homemade gluten free beer, I highly recommend it.


Click here to view the recipe


Gluten Free Home Brewed Beer

Gluten Free Home Brewed Blackberry Beer


A Kolsch beer (pronounced “koelsch”) is similar to a pilsner in flavor and appearance, but usually has a touch more malt sweetness, a bit less hop bitterness, and some subtle fruit notes picked up from the yeast. It is a clean tasting and light bodied beer. For me, summertime is the best time of year to enjoy a nice cold Kolsch. Its crisp flavor and low ABV make it the perfect beer for a hot day. Perhaps it is the warm weather right now that has inspired me to write this blog entry about a beer that, in my opinion, does not receive the attention that it deserves.


Kolsch gets is name from the city that it is brewed in, Koln, also known as Cologne, Germany. It is a very light colored beer with a SRM as low as 3, and is one of the palest beers brewed in Germany. Kolsch beers are known for their clarity and bright blonde color. As far as bitterness goes, Kolsch beers typically come in at right around 20-30 IBU’s delivering a moderate and not overpowering hop flavor. The typical alcohol by volume for a Kolsch is between 4% and 5.25%.


One of the characteristics that makes Kolsch beers so unique is that they are fermented with a Kolsch-style top fermenting ale yeast, such as Wyeast 2565, at a temperature of about 60F, as opposed to with a bottom fermenting lager yeast. After primary fermentation has concluded, the beer is then cold lagered at approximately 40F for several weeks until it has fully cleared and conditioned.


Also interestingly, Kolsch has a geographical appellation. The Kolsch appellation became recognized by German law in 1997 and only approximately 20 breweries located in and around Cologne may legally claim their beers as a Kolsch. Breweries outside of Cologne who brew Kolsch beers are to refer to the beer as a Kolsch style beer as opposed to an actual Kolsch since the name implies it was brewed in Cologne. The appellation works very similarly to champagne and the Champagne region of France.


If you are interested in brewing an all grain batch of Kolsch style beer, here is a great home brewing Kolsch recipe:  Click Here for the Kolsch Beer Recipe



A photo of a Kolsch Beer

Kolsch Beer

Kolsch Beer


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